Word of the Week – Hypostatise 

Word, words, language, learning, vocabulary, hypostasise Hypostatise verb. To treat or regard a concept/idea as a distinct substance or reality.

My Everyday Makeup Staples

Apologies in advance that not all of the products in this post are brand new and pristine – as the title suggests, these are my current go to, everyday, beauty essentials. That means that they’ve been used a lot, and live in my handbag, constantly bashing around and being used throughout the day!

I can be quite fickle when it comes to makeup staples – I like trying out new things, and have to limit myself to not spending all of my monthly earnings on beauty products. There are some products however, that I know will stick around for a long time to come. These are the products that I’m currently loving.

benefit, mac, nivea, rimmel, watts up, erase paste, bobbi brown, charlotte tilbury, mascara, moisturiser, concealer, highlighter, lip balm

benefit, mac, nivea, rimmel, watts up, erase paste, bobbi brown, charlotte tilbury, mascara, moisturiser, concealer, highlighter, lip balm

Yep, I jumped onto the ‘Pillow Talk’ bandwagon and got the Lip Cheat liner from Charlotte Tilbury. I have to admit though, it is the perfect ‘my lips only better’ shade. I hate the look of harsh or obvious lip liner, and it is almost impossible to achieve that with this. Some days I don’t even bother with lipstick, just a slightly more intense application of this!

charlotte tilbury, lipliner, lip cheat, pillow talk, makeup, luxury, beauty, bbloger

I was introduced to Bobbi Brown products when buying some luxury items for our wedding day. I decided to do my own makeup as I’m very fussy about my makeup style, and I knew I’d struggle with having someone else do it and potentially make me look not ‘like me’. I had a makeup trial in John Lewis at the Bobbi Brown counter, and they suggested that my skin was a little dehydrated. They suggested trying this eye cream. To be honest, I was sold on the packaging alone – isn’t it gorgeous?

This has however become one of my daily staples which I always apply after my ‘Simple’ light moisturiser and before my makeup.

bobbi brown, moisturiser, eye cream, luxury, beauty, makeup, bblogger

bobbi brown, moisturiser, eye cream, luxury, beauty, makeup, bblogger

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer

I find that a little of this really goes a long way as it is very thick, but I tend to use it instead of foundation now. I just dot a little bit around my eyes, nose and mouth to brighten the areas.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner

This has been one of my ultimate makeup staples throughout my whole life. I discovered eyeliner aged 11, and have sworn by it ever since! I find that Rimmel’s liquid liner and the soft kohl are both brilliant value for money, as they are less than £10, and last for the whole day. I love how the soft kohl liner can be used for precise, bold lining, or for soft, smokey effects too.

rimmel, eyeliner, kohl, makeup, beauty, bblogger

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm

I am a lip balm junkie – I admit. I have far too many lip balms, in all sorts of flavours and forms. However sometimes, the simplest products are just impossible to beat. This lip balm is super cheap, but so moisturising. I tend to use it in the evenings after I’ve taken my makeup off and want to soften my lips overnight.

nivea, lip balm, moisturiser, essential, simple, basics, beauty, makeup, bblogger

Benefit’s Erase Paste

I suffer with serious under eye circles, and have done for many years. I have tried so many different options to conceal them, but it’s so hard to find something that isn’t drying on delicate under eye skin! This concealer is really soft and non-drying, and I find it’s perfect for brightening up the under eye area.

benefit, erase paste, concealer, makeup, luxury, beauty, bblogger

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

I received this sample in the December Birchbox and I was so excited as I really like Bobbi Brown makeup, but it’s just such a splurge that I often can’t justify it. I find that this mascara gives just the right amount of coating, without leaving lashes cakey or crumbly.

bobbi brown, mascara, luxury, beauty, makeup, bblogger,

bobbi brown, mascara, luxury, beauty, makeup, bblogger,

Benefit’s Watt’s Up

I have quite dull skin, so highlighters are a lifesaver for me. I do find it hard though to find one that’s not too obvious or overbearing. That’s where Watt’s Up comes in. It’s really subtle, but gives just enough highlighting power to make me look relatively awake. I use it along my cheekbones, above my eyebrows, the edges of my forehead, and on my cupid’s bow – and it’s subtle enough to not make me look like a glow stick, even when I wear it across half of my face!

benefit, highlighter, luxury, beauty, bblogger, makeup

benefit, highlighter, luxury, beauty, bblogger, makeup

So there you go, those are my top, go-to make up brands right now.

What are your current make up faves?


5 things that made me happy this week

Yay for bank holidays! No work tomorrow, woo!

This weekend we took a drive up to Warwick Castle, and spent the day exploring up there. It was so much bigger than I thought it would be – we literally spent the whole day there! So most of this post will be spamming of Warwick Castle pictures I’m afraid!

1 – Getting through the medical student finals practical assessments this week. It’s always a big one for us office staff every year, and I always get a little nervous the few days before because there’s so much pressure on everything to run smoothly. I had a good long soak in a bath full of Lush at the end of that day!

2 – Visiting the beautiful Warwick Castle, and admiring the stunning gardens and resident peacocks.
warwick, warwick castle, castle, great hall, medieval, history, travel, adventure,

2 – Watching ‘War of the Roses – Live’ at Warwick Castle. We were lucky enough to catch the first ever show, so the atmosphere was electric with excitement and adrenaline. The actors were brilliant and really got the story across. I knew a little about the War of the Roses because I studied Shakespeare’s Richard III, but I learnt loads at this show and was really impressed by it.

warwick castle, jousting, tudors, war of the roses, york, lancaster, castle, travel, adventure,

3 – This library within the castle. This is only a very small section of it, but it was just beautiful. I’m intrigued by the ‘Family Secrets’ books, I wonder what’s in them?

warwick, warwick castle, castle, great hall, medieval, history, travel, adventure, books, library

4 – Trying on armour at the castle. Admittedly, I like any excuse to dress up and try on cool things, so this was right up my street!

warwick, warwick castle, castle, great hall, medieval, history, travel, adventure, helmet, armour,

5 – From Warwick Castle we took a drive on to Chesterton Windmill. I have never seen a windmill like it before – isn’t it just gorgeous? It’s like a temple dedicated to windmills, with that lovely beige stone and those perfect archways. We caught it just coming up to golden hour too, so the light was perfect.

chesterton, chesterton windmill, windmill, warwickshire, nature, travel, adventure,

I hope you guys have all been enjoying your weekend, whatever you’ve been getting up to!


5 things that made me happy this week

1 – This gorgeous vintage, pink Fiat 500. Is that not one of the cutest cars you’ve ever seen?

2 – This little fox. 

3 – A lovely day spent in the sunshine down in the New Forest.

4 – Getting hooked on the TV series Jamestown – have you guys seen it? Isn’t it great? If you haven’t, you must watch it! It’s based around the British colonisation of the States in the 1600s and the power struggles between men and women. 

5 – Trousers in this gorgeous print picked up in Fat Face on Saturday:

Oh and guess what? It’s a long weekend next weekend for the bank holiday! Yay!